Submit an Event

To submit your event:
1. Review the Event Posting Guidelines.
2. Search the site to ensure the event has not already been posted.
3. Submit Event

Note: A message will appear that you can submit an event either by logging in or submitting anonymously.  City of Wetaskiwin staff and partners require a log-in but members of the public should simply submit anonymously. 

If you would prefer to fill out an event form in person you may do so at:
City Hall: 4705-50 Avenue
Chamber of Commerce: 4910-55A Street 
Manluk Centre:  4514-50 Avenue 

Access to the electronic form is also available via the public computers at:
Wetaskiwin Public Library
5002-51 Avenue

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your submission please contact us by filling out our online form.



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